Marriage to A Korean:

MyKoreanHusband YouTube, webtoon, and blog (see their sites for more links to their social media).

Visas and Immigration:

The official info

Child Rearing:

Sue is a Korean/American, married to a Korean and living in Seoul. She is raising girl triplets! Check out her tumblr.

Sophie is an Australian married to Han, who is Korean. They are living in Australia but parenting their child in Korean. Check out Sophie’s blog about it here.

Korean Language and Culture:


Daily Bap

Learning Hangul, the Korean alphabet

Self-Study Blogs (at the bottom of the page)

Sogang University’s language program (access the books here)

Hey Eonni  run by Hugh of MyKoreanHusband and has language learning resources as well as a lot of awesome Korean products that can be shipped abroad.


Crazy Korean Cooking my very favorite blog for recipes.

Chronic Illness:

But You Don’t Look Sick  Where you can find The Spoon Theory

EatYourKimchi talks about living with illness in Korea. And here’s Martina’s blog about it.