Resources For Rat Owners In Korea

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If you want to adopt some rats but Korean sites and language are difficult for you, I can arrange much of it for you, though I do charge for translation and communication. Contact me and we can work out a plan.

Buying/Adopting Rats

Naver cafes:

Warning: Beware a breeder by the name “Hamlin”. They change their username but if you look at their posts there is usually a link to them or mention of their name somewhere. I bought a rat from this guy and his rats not only bite (badly socialized) but my poor baby died days after of what we assume to have been a deadly rat disease called SDA (

래트커뮤니티 (Rat Community

I highly recommend this cafe as the best. A friend of mine runs it and she is one of the most reliable and educated rat owners I know.

샵더마우스 (Shop The Mouse):

래트홀릭 (Ratholic):

I’ve gotten some of my rats from people on this site who had accidental litters.

우리 래트 (Our Rat):

There are more cafes but I do not have experience with them.


Store info
Store blog
작은숲 is an exotic pet store in Incheon. You can interact with the rats before choosing who you want to buy. Price differs depending on breed. They usually run between 60,000 and 80,000won. This shop is known for breeding the same pairs again and again and most males have some aggression that is not usually well remedied even after castration surgery. 


 Food: Search any major online shopping site such as Coupang or Gmarket for ‘익스트루젼’ to find options for buying lab blocks. Purina makes a block specifically for rats, as does Harlan, but the only formula I have seen available from Harlan is 2018 or the 18% protein formula, which is on the high side for rats. You can check various other lab blocks for 조단백질 (crude protein). I often buy a few types of blocks and mix them.

You can also search various site for Oxbow products. Their rat food is very good but for whatever reason my rats don’t like it. If you feed Oxbow be sure to provide your rats with something to chew on to grind their teeth on.

I buy seed mixes in a pinch to supplement my rats’ diet but ideally you should make your own. Check some of the sites below for ideas and dietary guidelines. You can buy most of what you need at any mart or online. You don’t buy expensive, small packages of dried foods, nuts and seeds marketed to exotic pet owners, just buy them from regular grocery sources.

 Cages: I got my main big cage by searching Naver for what I wanted and ordering it though a seller who got it from America. I got a Prevue cage similar to the Midwest Critter Nation. A friend of mine did manage to get an actual Critter Nation. Sometimes Amazon will ship as well. Do Naver searches and have a look around Coupang, Gmarket and the following sites to find something suitable for you.

Everything else:
Petholic occasionally breeds rats that are, in my experience,  healthy. They don’t mass breed and plan their litters so, while they are a breeder, they seem a somewhat responsible one to me. I got my first two rats in Korea from Petholic and they lived long, healthy lives. Petholic ships but I recommend taking the weather into account and bringing a Korean-speaking person with you to the bus depot. Mine arrived via bus in containers packed in a cardboard box and were sitting in a bus line’s cold office when I got there.

You can find similar products through the aforementioned sites. Also, don’t underestimate Daiso in finding some good accessories. A child’s shower stool I bought there is still my rats’ favorite ‘igloo’.


Our clinic:

Chansaem Animal Hospital 찬샘동물병원 in Incheon.

남찬식 (수의사)  Chan Sik Nam (Veterinarian)

If you are seeking veterinary help for your rat, please contact us. We have seen many rat patients and done a number of different treatments and surgeries. Also, I would not recommend getting your rat euthanized by any other veterinarian unless you are confident they can satisfactorily perform this delicate procedure

Korean Rat Owners of Interest:
Rats are quickly gaining popularity in Korea. Most Korean rat enthusiasts can be found on instagram and the number or people posting about their pet rats grows every day. This is also an excellent way to see who is breeding for hobby and has healthy rats available for sale. Try searching hashtags like #래트 #랫스타그램 #덤보래트

General Resources in English:
  Rat Guide:
For anything you would ever need to know. Particularly helpful for medical things.

  Rat Fan Club:
Everything Debbie does is gold. I highly recommend getting her books if you can.Take advantage of her free articles on the homepage.

떡볶이 만들기 Ddeokbokki Recipe

I created this video of how I make my favorite dish, 떡볶이 ddeokbokki, which is a Korean dish often described as ‘spicy rice cakes’. See below for the recipe. I hope you enjoy!

Please watch the video for instructions.
These are the amounts I used:

500g frozen rice cakes 떡
Fish cakes 어묵
Cabbage 양배추
1/2 large green onion 대파

Sauce 양념:
1 teaspoon red pepper flakes 고춧가루 (adjust to how spicy you want it)
1/2 teaspoon dashima powder 다시마
1/3 teaspoon curry powder 카레 가루 ( can add black bean ramen powder 짜장가루)
1/3 teaspoon black pepper
후추 4 Tablespoons sugar
설탕 3-4 Tablespoons red pepper paste
고추장 1/4c water
물 Boil water about 2 cups water, add sauce and dissolve.
Add rice cakes and cook a few minutes before adding the fish cakes and cabbage or whatever else you are adding . Toward the end of cooking, add the green onion. Top with cheese, sesame seeds, perilla leaves, whatever you want!